Glatopa (Generic version of Copaxone)

Glatopa As a generic version of Copaxone, Glatopa is a synthetic chain of four amino acids found in myelin (immune system modulator that blocks attacks on myelin)

Using study results from trials with Copaxone, side effects include injection-site reaction as well as an occasioal systemic reaction-occuring at least once in approximately 10 percent of those tested with Copaxone. 20 milligrams taken daily via subcutaneous injection.

Using study results from trials with Copaxone, systemic reactions occur about five to 15 minutes following an injection and may include anxiety, flushing, chest tightness, dizziness, palpitations, and/or shortness of breath. Usually lasting for only a few minutes, these symptoms do not require specific treatment and have no long-term negative effects.

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