PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN TREATMENT” Give Your body the best– NUTRITION of 17 Whole Fruits & Vegetables with 2 grains and the sugar, salt and water taken out (NO GLUTEN & in a CAPSULE, CHEWABLE or POWERED DRINK) It is Easier and Cheaper to Prevent an Illness (Disease) than to Try and Deal with it when it Occurs. We are ALL OVER-FED and UNDER NOURISHED! When You Feel Good You Look Good !!! I want everyone Healthy and Happy and I have not used my cane, scooter or wheel chair in 9 years as of April 2, 2015.. Please go into my web site  learning how Whole Food Nutrition is good for everyone.

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REBIF: (interferon Beta 1-a)

Sorono, Inc.

Rebif was FDA approved in March 2002. It is taken 3 times a week, subcutaneous ( under the skin ) injection. It has flu-like symptoms following injection which lessen over time for many. Less common: abnormalities of liver function and decreases in red or white blood cell counts.

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