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TYSABRI :a monoclonal antibody known as Natalizumab

The FDA approves Tysabri, formerly known as Antegren for Relapsing Forms of MS on November 23, 2004. The approval was based on results only on One Year duration of treatment. From the First year of Two clinical trials of the drug Alone or added to Avonex. According to the FDA, as part of the approval, the manufacturer has made a commitment to Continue their Trials of Tysabri for another year. It is NOT known how long Tysabrineeds to be taken. Tysabri in comparison with other currently available treatments for MS, Tysabri appears to be safe and well tolerated. The most common side effects included headache, hives, fatigue, uninary tract infection, depression, lower resporatory tract infection, joint pain and abdominal discomfort. There is NO information available about long term safety. At this point Medicare tends to cover medications that are provided in a physcian’s office, which should include Tysabri. It is an antibody, Not an interferon or glatiramer acetate..

Tysabri was not in use from  February 28, 2005 until July 2006.

It was APPROVED by the FDA in July, 2006. Contact your doctor for more information.

If you would like some information about Tysabri you can call 1-800-456-2265 and the web site is www.tysabri.com There is also a program for those on insurance issues: Tysabri Access Program. You may contact Darrell Wilson at 1-800-456-2255 for info.

The drug is given every 4 weeks by intravenous ( into the vein ) in a doctors office or other medical facility.

The Wholesale price Varies Depending upon Insurance converage.

This information is from the Tysabri May 18, 2010